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We are Imaginal Cells


yOUR time as a caterpillar has expired

yOUR soul cells are merging together again

yOUR wings are ready

Julia  - Dubai

This is such a difficult review to write as my words can not do justice for how highly I recommend working with Martin. The space he facilitated and held during the first two NEMS waves was unlike anything I have experienced. He created an authentic safe space where we were encouraged to share Anything in Any way allowing me to find my own unique expression. Somehow Martin lead this group without ever making me feel like he ever saw himself as more than any one else. Although he has amazing gifts to offer such as his breathwork, coaching, channeling ext, all is given with the pure intention of empowering another. I never feel intentions come from ego or hierarchy and without needing anyone to follow him, he is a great example of what we can become.

Bonnie Rose - Canada

I have my life back, or actually I should say I FEEL ALIVE and excited about life for the first time ever in my life, waking up excited for my day with the skip in my step that wasn't there before! I have so much love and gratitude for Martin who has shown me how to get there, how to navigate my very difficult and trumatic past and be fully present in my own life! I've learned how to see my shadows and have a dialogue with my self and my body and bring my love to bear on it. Now, everyone around me is noticing how I have come alive and that I am not only surviving, but I am thriving and able to deal with anything that comes along… I could go on and on, but I just have to say everything connected with this divine human being is gold! He over delivers and helps us develop self empowerment, no matter whether it's the self-help detox his breath work practice or by private session, which by the way I had and it was amazing and transformative! I was in new Earth mystery school waves one and two and I'm telling you there's nothing else like it out there!Everything you could think of that you might need to know about is there… His wife Elis and son Angelo brings so much as well, Elis in her gentle and brilliant way shared natural ways of cooking and cleaning my home and self care products and even chair yoga! I love you all SO much ~ words are just not adequate and it could fill volumes to express the ways my life has been enriched through Martin, his family and the many many others who now feel like family and we cheer each other on through the tough times and celebrate the strides towards self-love and self-expression! Martin, from the beginning, set the tone of complete acceptance as we are and unconditional love and support of all that we are while we are being held in the space of safety and unconditional love, a priceless gift indeed! I can tell you honestly that you will not get better value for your investment anywhere! ~ Love and Blessings

Shawn - USA

This man is one of the most Loving energies I have been blessed to know. Through his work in less then 3 month has created bushels of Lightworkers that will change the world in day to come. Love him

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  • 9 Week Journey from chrysalis to freedom 4/4/21 - 6/6/21
  • Weekly zoom gatherings
  • Finale 3 day Online retreat 4th-6th June
  • 2 Months free access to the Higher self Inner commUNITY
  • Free lifetime Access to the full INnerversity and New Earth mystery School archive Library -over 2 years of multidimensional material covering all of your journey. 100s of hours and Eons of embodied experience.
  • Guided, Channeled and Inspired by Gaia, Ascended masters, and the light realms
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  • New Earth Leaders Emerging
  • Creating New Earth structures together
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  • Rebirth yourSELF anew
  • Physical Pod mentorSHIP
  • Non Physical Etheric Pod mentorSHIP
  • Physical Cell Rebirthing and REgeneration
  • Butterfly Breathwork
  • Light language
  • Light movement & dance,
  • Light Journeying, Light laughter
  • Guided Mediations